Left to right: Tyler Yeager, physical therapist assistant; Nancy Washburn; Jeanette Yamamoto, occupational therapist assistant; Danielle Silvernail, director of rehab; and Liudmila Naryzhnaya, COTA

Hallmark Manor in Federal Way, Washington, received a letter on March 29, 2019, from Nancy Washburn, a patient who had come to the facility for rehabilitation after suffering a broken femur.


Here is her testimonial:


My experience at Hallmark Manor has been a great success story.


When I arrived, I had already spent 50 days at [another rehab facility]. I had therapy there but was only partially successful there. I was able to get somewhat on the walker and was only able to climb 10 stairs. They told me that they felt that they had helped me all they could.


My power of attorney, who knew that I had 16 steps to climb to get in my apartment, discussed me coming here, to Hallmark Manor, for more help.


This ended up being the best decision I ever made. In fewer than 40 days, with just an hour a day, six days a week, I am able to climb 30 stairs at one time. No more wheelchair, just my walker and my cane. They trained me to climb the stairs being cane dependent. I now can walk more than 200 steps at one time with the cane.


I am finally going home, knowing I can survive and be successful at home by myself.


I want to thank Tyler Yeager, my main therapist (PTA), for his hard work and the time he takes explaining answers to my questions. I owe almost 100 percent of where I am today to Tyler and the Hallmark therapy department.


Thank you all so much.

Nancy Washburn