Jean Manthe, third from left, with her care team

When Jean Manthe came to Hallmark Manor in Federal Way, Washington, on May 8, 2015, she had just been through sepsis and was dealing with arthritis and degenerative joint disease.


Manthe knew she needed both hips replaced, but she had work to do in rehabilitation and in weight loss before she could undergo the orthopedic surgery.


The team at Hallmark Manor helped her achieve her goals, and in December 2016, Manthe had her right hip replaced. She came back to the facility after surgery, and physical and occupational therapists worked with her on strengthening, balance, transfers and gait.


“The goal was to get her walking and using her new right hip so she could be independent with mobility and self-care,” said Vilchard Ting, director of rehab services. “Our focus was to get her new hip healed well and functioning. We knew she was still going to be limited because her left hip needed surgery as well, so we didn’t push her much because of the pain in the other hip. But we got her to a modified independence level.”


When Manthe had her left hip replacement surgery in March 2017, she returned to Hallmark Manor with orders from the doctor that she couldn’t put her full weight on the new hip.


“We worked to get her back to being modified independent while at toe-touch weight bearing,” Ting added. “Physical therapy had to wait until she got cleared for full weight bearing before they could get her walking. We worked on improving her strength and balance and use of assistive devices to perform mobility and self-care.”


Manthe is currently waiting for her housing application to be approved so she can live independently. She plans to return to the job field as a receptionist.


“A big thank you to the dedicated staff at Hallmark Manor,” said Manthe. “Everyone has been very helpful. The therapy department is wonderful!”