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Hallmark Manor helps Washburn manage stairs again after broken leg

Left to right: Nancy Washburn; Jeanette Yamamoto, occupational therapist assistant; and Danielle Silvernail, director of rehab

Hallmark Manor in Federal Way, Washington, received a letter on March 29, 2019, from Nancy Washburn, a patient who had come to the facility for rehabilitation after suffering a broken femur.

Here is her testimonial...

Hallmark Manor helps patient recover from two hip replacements

Jean Manthe, third from left, with her care team

When Jean Manthe came to Hallmark Manor in Federal Way, Washington, on May 8, 2015, she had just been through sepsis and was dealing with arthritis and degenerative joint disease.

Manthe knew she needed both hips replaced, but she had work to do in rehabilitation and in weight loss before she could undergo the orthopedic surgery....